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Flag Detective History

For ten years strong, Flag Detective has been used as a tool to help people who are looking to identify flags they have seen and weren’t sure of their origins. The images were originally created by Edward Mooney, Jr. in collaboration with Flags of the World.

The site was initially conceived on November 8, 1998 and came to life on March 1, 1999. Flag Detective has gone through many revisions over the years, updating links and upgrading site graphics. With the latest revision, the site has been given a facelift, removing an outdated frame structure and providing a more user friendly navigation.

While we can not claim to illustrate or categorize every flag ever flown, we strive to have the most common flags you may see in your travels near and far. If the flag you are looking for is not illustrated here, we urge you to continue your search through our Sites of Interest page!

If you would like to suggest a flag for us to include in our database, please email us at Webmaster@FlagDetective.com.

Update History:

July 2008 – Complete Site Overhaul. Facelift and Optimized for Ease of Use.
January, 2008 - Link and major graphic changes.
November, 2005 - Links check/changes.
October, 2005 - Complete site graphics upgrade.
December, 2004 - Remove most email links.
April, 2001 - Title graphics redesign.
November, 2000 - Site changed to frames format.
March, 1999 - First design completed.
November 8, 1998 - Work started on Flag Detective.

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Content provided on this site for informational purposes only. You may use the information on this site for personal use only. Any reproduction of images, content, use of the Flag Detective name or any other use of this site is strictly prohibited unless granted permission by the copyright holder. Flag Detective does not claim to host all of the flags of the world on this site and while we strive to maintain an accurate and up to date database of world flags, occasionally some images may not be current. If you come across one of these images, please utizile the email address at the bottom of each page to report the error.