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Cross Flags

Cross flags have been flown on a variety of flags over the years and one thing to note is that there are several styles of crosses. For example, the Greek Cross as see in Diagram 1.1, is used on the flag of Switzerland, the Symmetric Cross as seen in Diagram 1.2 can be seen on the flag of England and finally the Scandinavian cross as seen in Diagram 1.3 can be seen on the flag of Finland.

Diagram 1.1 - Greek Cross

Flag Identification

Cross Flags
Aland Islands - Finland Flag Antilles - Netherlands Flag Eureka - Austrailia Flag Bahamas Ensign Flag
Aaland Islands*
Basque Spain Flag British Columbia Flag Denmark Flag Dominica Flag
Dominican Republic Flag England Flag Episcopal Flag Flag Finland Flag
England* Episcopal
Faroe Islands Flag Georgia Flag Iceland Flag
Faroe Islands* Georgia Iceland
Martinique Flag Maryland Flag Montreal - Canada Flag Newfoundland Flag
Martinique Maryland*
Northern Ireland Flag Norway Flag Orkney Flag Quebec - Canada Flag
Norway Orkney* Quebec*
Skane / Skaneland Flag Shetland Islands Flag Switzerland Flag
Skane /
Shetland Islands * Switzerland
United Kingdom (Great Britain) Flag Vendsyssel - Denmark Flag Wales Flag
United Kingdom
(Great Britain)
(St. David)

Crosses On Other Flag Designs:
Alberta Flag Christian Flag Greece Flag Malta Flag
Christian Flag Greece Malta
Maryland Flag New Mexico Flag Panama Flag Switzerland Flag
New Mexico*
Panama Switzerland
Tonga Flag


Please note: Many flags incorporate the Union Jack as a canton and would thus have a cross on them as well. To view these flags, visit our Union Jack Canton page.

* Denotes semi-autonomous area.
** Denotes flag of the past.
*** Denotes ensign, or ship flag.

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