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Horizontal Tri-Color Flags: Black

Flag Identification

Horizontal Tri-Color Flags: Black
Afghanistan Flag Argentina Flag Austria Flag Bulgaria Flag
Afghanistan Argentina Austria Bulgaria
Botswana Flag Croatia Flag Egypt Flag El Salvador Flag
Botswana Croatia Egypt El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea Flag Estonia Flag Honduras Flag Hungary Flag
Equatorial Guinea Estonia Honduras Hungary
Iran Flag Iraq Israel Flag Jordan Flag
Iran Iraq Israel Jordan
Latvia Flag Lebanon Flag Lesotho Flag Luxembourg Flag
Latvia Lebanon Lesotho Luxembourg
Mississippi Flag USA Missouri Flag USA Mozambique Flag Netherlands Flag
Mozambique Netherlands
Nicaragua Flag Niger Flag Oman Flag Palestine Flag
Nicaragua Niger Oman Palestine
Paraguay Flag Russia Flag Serbia Sierra Leone Flag
Paraguay Russia Serbia Sierra Leone
Slovakia Flag Slovenia Flag Somaliland Flag Sudan Flag
Slovakia Slovenia Somaliland Sudan
Syria Flag Tajikistan Flag Thailand Flag United Arab Emirates Flag
Syria Tajikistan Thailand United Arab Emirates
Uzbekistan Flag Yemen Flag Yugoslavia Flag  
Uzbekistan Yemen Yugoslavia  

* Denotes semi-autonomous area.
** Denotes flag of the past.
*** Denotes ensign, or ship flag.

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