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Recent News: Site Update!
Welcome to Flag Detective! You may notice we've undergone some changes Find flags by their country!recently and the site may not look exactly the way you left it last. We are confident the updates we've made will make it easier to navigate the Flag Detective Site and visually find the flags you are looking for. We've also implimented a "Find Flag by Country" search option where you can search alphabetically through the countries, territories and states of the world to find out information about their flags!

To begin to piece together the puzzle of your flag search, choose one of the flag puzzle peices to the left to begin or select a grouping of countries below to search alphabetically.
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Flag Detective: At Your Service!

At Flag Detective, we have gone to great lengths to create a functional and easy to use resource for anyone who needs to figure out where a flag came from. For over 10 years, we've been a leading resource in flag identification. Whether you are a student, USA Flagteacher or your just curious, we've designed this site for you and we want you to find the flags your looking for!

Also, Check out our History of the American Flag! An in depth look at the past, present and future of the flag of the United States of America and what it has meant to the nation it serves.

If after you've searched through our site you still are uncertain of the origin of a flag and can't find it anywhere, we encourage you to continue your search. When you do discover the flags information, let us know at "Webmaster@FlagDetective.com" so we can work to update our site!

But before you leave our site without the answers you were looking for, try checking out our Sites of Interest page for more information on web pages with flag information.

Interested in buying one of the flags you've discovered on our site? Why not check out the great pricing offered by our sponsors!

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